Companies most resistant to recession

Article: Posavska Hrvatska 2010

News : Companies most resistant to recession

According to research done by the business magazine Lider the title of the most desirable partner for doing business in Croatia, among others, was given to  have won the two companies in the area of ​​Brod - Posavina County - ININ and TUV Croatia. By analyzing current economic situation, research and criteria such as social responsibility, business continuity, market positioning, social responsibility, profitability, liquidity, solvency and productivity, the business magazine Lider published the 303 most sustainable companies. Companies ININ and TUV situated in Slavonski Brod were the only two companies from the County that were included in the Lider's list. Both companies are engaged in the creation of new values by providing services (programming, consulting), which clearly indicates the justification of investment in the knowledge thatcan be sold in the the market. A bad economic situation in Croatia entails an avalanche of unwanted side effects whose consequences many citizens have felt. Iti s surprising that by the relevant institutions do not have an adequate response and good attempts to exploit the crisis and change the current economic and educational policies. The fact that we have fewer products and services to offer a challenging external market should not be a problem whose resolution is of high priority and importance. By that I mean the change in their relations with employers, reorganization of rigid bureaucracy and especially educational policy that follows the set form , not the demands and trends of the market, said Igor Majdandžić, the CEO of ININ.



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