Custom software development from spreadsheet documents

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Custom software development from spreadsheet documents

Custom (tailor made, bespoke) software exactly fit with real client requirements. There are three main goals that have to be met in custom software development: functionality, deadline and price. Our approach is unifying all those requests!  We are collecting all your Excel/Word/Pdf documents, build workflow diagram in cooperation with your Project manager and create robust application that will suite real Customer’s needs. Such software has many great advantages: consistent data-centralized database, easy value  searching and data filtering, lookup tables, data validity and alarm possibility, controlled access to data, massive and parallel data input, spreadsheet logic preservation, fast development and deployment, familiar forms, automatic task assignment, task status, statistics and costs.


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Rapid application development

Custom software development from spreadsheet documents : Rapid application developmentSpreadSheet to database S2D

Twenty years of practice in the design, development and implementation of over 70 different software solutions showed that it is necessary to have the possibility of rapid development of software modules that support the appearance and functionality of the existing specific program processing. The sector for rapid development of software support uses the tools developed in  ININ when it comes to the description of business processes and taking over logic processing as described in e.g. Excel. Thanks to this approach a Client is able to review  the possibility to test the ordered apps in a very short time.

This approach multiply speeds up and simplifies the computerization of business processes while maintaining the existing look and functionality of the original documents!

Example: A Client for quality control system uses 104 different Excel and Word documents, some of which have more than 20 pages with more than 800 different values ​​( columns , attributes ) per document. It is estimated that the classical methods of programming making entries and reports for this sector lasts for about 10 months, with significant variation in the appearance of the input and output. By applying the methodology for rapid development of applications and tools "spreadsheet2database" this subsystem is implemented within two months whilst maintaining the original documents and making prescribed statistical reports.

In this way one solves a fast and efficient computerization of business processes enabling:

  • Input, control and data printing through a clear and original interface into the database
  • Parallel data input from multiple workstations with hierarchical data protection / document
  • Report of all data input data
  • Search for all documents according to the values ​​ from "cells"
  • Easy installation for auxiliary tables, validation and alarm


Intended for: Manufacturing and service companies, Office management, Controlling, Laboratories, Quality assurance sectors, Sales sectors, Production monitoring, Project and educational institutions, Banks and insurance companies, Market research (...)

Our employees know how to efficiently and quickly make robust applications for mass data entry and quality reporting. from your Excel (Word, PDF) documents.