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Welcome/Promo SMS Service

Welcome SMS is a software product designed for telecommunication operators which enables roaming user who enters the operator’s network receiving predefined information from operator, rates and prices of the telecommunication’s services, all kind of useful information about the country he entered…  Such user can also be notified with useful touristic information about products, services and happenings that he can get or attend in current destination. Welcome SMS service could simplify using roaming services and increase loyalty of roaming customers.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS represents a term in telecommunications that most often implies one-way communication, i.e. sending a large number of text messages from service provider or information towards the cellphone user. Usually users of such services are media companies, companies or banks, and the purpose of sending can be different; from party, business and mobile marketing. For example, mobile marketing can be notifying users about new products and services, product promotions, stores' schedules and similar. An example of informing would be sending the news, weather forecast, repors about traffic or stock exchanges. Bulk SMS system can automate communication towards employees, for example, sending the same information to 10, 100, 1000 or more employees. Bulk SMS is usually used for information purpose, for warnings, reminders and communication between users. Bulk SMS enables sending text messages to any mobile device almost everywhere in the world.

Communication between the information sender and user doesn't have to be one-way. Bulk SMS system can receive messages and in a certain way forward to service provider. One of the preconditions is that you as a sender of the message choose a short code or MSISDN number on which then the user can answer with a text message.

CDR (Call Detail Record) Manager

CDR Manager is software product intended for collecting, processing and presentation of information collected it in the system telecom operator.
The purpose of using CDR Manager is an adoption of corrective, strategic and business decisions based on processed CDR records, improve quality of service and provide adequate response to the marketing demands. 

Possibly data sources:

  • SMS – Short Message Service
  • MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service
  • VMS - Voice Messaging System
  • GPRS - General Packet Radio Services
  • TCAP - Transaction Capabilities Application Part
  • USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
  • PM - Performance Monitoring
  • RADIUS - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
  • MCOO - Mobility and Combined Obstacles Overlay
  • WAP - Wireless Application Protocol
  • VVM - Voice, Video and Multimedia
  • MGW – Media Gateway
  • SPF - Sender Policy Framework
  • M2S – Mail to SMS gateway
  • S2M – SMS to Mail gateway
  • PPL – Payment gateway
  • PP – Postapid
  • MAG - Metropolitan Area Gateway
  • CNT – Counters SMH
  • HDC – Handle Device Context


SMS games

ININ has developed more than 40 different SMS games and services for several telecom operators and we are more than willing to develop a new one for your company.

Smart Phones

ININ is developing native custom services and applications on Android, iOS or Windows Phone platforms. For less demanding applications we are also using multiplatform development tool or html5.